Faculty Use Of Social Media Essay

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Faculty Use of Social Media Social Media has become woven into the fabric of our society over the course of the past decade. In the educational setting, school use of social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter to make connections with their students, parents/guardians, and community partners has become standard procedure. The school’s purpose for using these communication devices to is to inform stakeholders of school-related events and issues in a quick user-friendly venue. However, the teacher’s First Amendment Right to Free Speech while using social media in their professional and personal lives has become highly controversial. Furthermore, the framework governing the First Amendment rights of teachers lacks clarity and is very ambiguous in it application.
In 1968, Pickering v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court of the United State ruled in favor of a teacher who spoke out against the school board. The teacher, Marvin Pickering, was terminated for writing a letter to the local newspaper that criticized the school board for not following through on the intent of a local referendum to build two similar schools within the district. The intent of the letter was to bring attention to the fact that one school was receiving more funds to develop it athletic programs facilities all the while spending less on the construction of classrooms. Pickering contended that his First Amendment Rights had been violated because he spoke up as a local concerned citizen and…

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