Faculty Empowerment & the Changing University Environment Essay

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“Faculty Empowerment & the Changing University Environment”
In our case “Faculty Empowerment & the Changing University Environment” we came across two separate subjects both of which our group can relate to and both of which correlate to each other. In the beginning we reviewed the topic of nowadays Universities and what has changed recently and how such change might have affected administrational structure on empowering faculty. We used the data provided to us in the case study to determine the following facts. First, Universities Environment has drastically changed during the last 6 years. Because of the rapidly changing workplace environment, downfall of the economy and incredible technological improvements all caused a lot of adults
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Admittedly, a college education was historically only available to those who had the financial means to pay annual tuition and incur the cost of relocating to a university. In contrast, distance education made it possible for students to pay by the course, rather than by the year, as well as save on the living and transportation expenses associated with enrolling full-time on a college campus. Distance students could receive via mail the same kinds of materials their often more privileged peers enrolled in campus-based colleges had access to without relocating or for going their employment for a fraction of the cost of annual tuition. These distance education programs promised their students a piece of the American dream: everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances, could obtain a higher education.
Similarly, online education programs offer the same opportunities. For those who cannot commit to full-time enrollment on a college campus, the chance to take a course online is certainly appealing. The single or stay-at-home parent can complete online courses in the evenings without arranging for a babysitter. The elderly can continue their education without worrying about the awkwardness of being in a classroom full of teenagers and twenty-something’s. Military personnel can continue their education while being on active duty. Similarly, students with disabilities can take online courses at their

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