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10 Facts About Ecuador Refugees
The 7.8-magnitude earthquake in April 2016 killed over 650 people in north-western Ecuador, across the provinces of Esmeraldas and Manabí. Rubbing salt into the wound, two strong aftershocks in May of M6.7 and M6.8 injured 90 people and devastated the two provinces. The United Nations Refugee Agency has called on donors to immediately provide monetary support of US$73 million in order to respond to the needs of 350,000 people affected by the earthquake. However, the UNHCR has only received 15 percent of the required amount, as humanitarian needs remain acute. Here are 10 facts about refugees of and in Ecuador:
1. According to official records, around 73,000 residents have been uprooted, and are either residing in organized camps and shelters, or with host families. Over 30,000 residents are currently staying in collective centers, where violence and abuse against women, boys and girls, are rampant. Moreover, close to 15,000 people have lost their identity papers, making it difficult for them to access basic social programs and services.
2. In 2015, the United Nations Refugee Agency, alongside its partner organization Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and State and private institutions, launched an inventive poverty reduction program called “The Graduation Model”, which aims at lifting 7,500 people out of poverty in 2016 via financial education and vocation…

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