Facts About African Elephants

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Gracie LillyFacts about african elephants. They are the largest land animal on earth. The trunk alone contains about 100,000 different muscles. They are pregnant for about 22months before giving birth.

What African Elephants look like. They have big ears that look somewhat look like Africa. Big long trunks with very pointy tusk beside them. And they are giant gray animals.

Facts about their habitat. They live in Sub-Saharan Africa, the rain forest of Central West Africa. In their habitat they eat grasses roots and tree bark. The adult elephants can eat up to 300 pounds a day.

Their migration route. They only migrate during rainy seasons. They migrate every year multiple times a year. They migrate North to South

Why they migrate.They Migrate because of how much food they eat in one day. They have to keep moving so they get more food.
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The Baby; They are a baby for 0-10years. The Adolescent; they are a adolescent for 11-17years. The Adult; They are an adult 18years to death.

Other Interesting facts about African Elephants. They weigh about 7,000kg (15,000 lbs) when they are full grown. They live up to 60-70 years old. Each tooth weights up to about

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