Essay on Factory Farms Should Be Banned

1590 Words Apr 25th, 2015 7 Pages
Factory farming, also known as industrial farming, is a modern form of farming where livestock such as cattle, pigs, or chickens are kept in tight cages known as battery cages to meet the food consumption of human. Factory farms keep large numbers of animals to be raised for food in tight and confined spaces in order to minimize operation cost. The meat that comes from these factories are cheaper because there is enough food to meet demand. Over 99% of the meat in America comes from a factory farm. I believe that factory farms should be banned worldwide because the animals are treated unethically, factory farms are bad for the environment, the animals are injected with hormones and antibiotics and they force unnatural breeding. Animals are smart and caring creatures. It is a proven fact that pigs are just as smart as dogs are. Given the opportunity and training, pigs can play certain computer games about as well as college students, turn on lights and heat in a barn, and perform many other sophisticated activities. Pigs can do just as much or if not more that household pets so why torture and slaughter them? Pigs are not the only farm animals that have human characteristics, chickens have feelings as well. During a storm, a rooster named Notorious Boy who lived in a sanctuary held his wing over his hen friend, Mary, shielding her from the rain until someone remembered to let them inside. This is a clear example of someone not a something so why treat them like dirt? The…

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