Factory Farming Should Not Be Banned Essay

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We live in a world where there is no compassion we have forgotten about the animal’s rights and their freedom that we allowed seeing thousands of animals captured in tiny cages and abused against their will. Imagine yourself in a world where you’re kept in captivity day and night not being able to move around. These are just some of the things that happen inside Factory Farms where animals are raised. Factory farming should not be allowed in America and around the world it is animal cruelty and pollutes the environment we live in. Factory farms are known for animal cruelty for which is my biggest reason. I believe it should be banned in the United States According to the statics made by the United States department of agriculture 10 billion animals are killed for food each year which means that more than a million animals are killed every hour. (Miller) The reality of factory farms that no one sees behind the scene is something we are told not to believe, animals such as chickens, pigs,and cows are kept in captivity day and night. Chickens, for example, are the most tortured animal in the farming factory they are kept to standing in cramped tiny cages filled with their own feces where they are not able to move around, they live immobilized for the rest of their lives Because animals live in such a manner and are denied normal social interactions they experience boredom and stress that leads them to an unnatural aggression. To curb this aggression and stops them from…

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