Factory Farming Industry Is Destroying The Environment Essay

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Despite today’s endless regulations instituted to protect the environment, factory farming is one of the most detrimental industries to the environment. Regulations need to be put into motion for factory farming techniques, especially before it’s too late to save the environment. Not only do the techniques used by factory farming have destructive environmental consequences, but they are also a concern for public health and safety. While other farming practices have detrimental effects on the environment they cannot compare to the massive environmental destruction caused by factory farming. The factory farming industry is destroying the environment, and little has been done to put an end to its destructive techniques. Regulations need to be enforced in order to stop the overuse of non-renewable resources, land, air, and water pollution, and massive deforestation. Since the beginning factory farms have relied on non-renewable resources to run daily operations and it has been the most cost effective for farmers as a source of energy. There are other types of ways to produce less damaging renewable resources to power the factory farms, but the price to go green is too much for farmers. Regulations to limit or use of non renewable resources would be detrimental to factory farming as a whole, but something needs to be done before to much damage has been done to the environment. Jim Motavalli and Brian Colleran, two journalists for the Environmental Magazine, wrote “The Meat of…

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