Persuasive Essay On Factory Farming

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Besides the lack of nutrition in McDonald’s cheeseburgers, there is also a lack of morality. Factory farming, also known as the practice of keeping many animals in small, confined spaces, lives in every piece of meat within large fast food chains. This practice is relatively recent, developing in the late 19th century, and is used in virtually all major fast food chains, such as: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Sonic, and even Krispy Kreme. Now a growing epidemic, factory farming has become an inhumane practice to appease the gluttony of Americans at the expense of our animals, our food, and our environment.
Bred to be slaughtered, many of the animals that are trapped on American factory farms will not come to know the feeling or sight of
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The health effects of this practice are detrimental to the state of our well-being, physically and emotionally. Though the widespread of disease and infection run rampant throughout factory farms, many are not properly treated or tested before being consumed, thus, creating contaminated meat. The antibodies used to stop the spread of these preventable diseases, though research shows that this can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and can harm human health after exposure and consumption. Illnesses resulting from consumption of said meat can vary, with a plethora of different side effects, some of which include: brain damage, depression, birth defects, and even miscarriages. Scientists have shown a correlation between the chemicals in the animals at factory farms’ waste, and the development of neurological issues. The fumes that are secreted from factory farms are found to be a link to depression, and high anxiety. Though, for pregnant women, the effects can be even more catastrophic. The CDC believes that after manure from a factory farm contaminated groundwater in Indiana, at least 7 miscarriages took place due to the intake of the water. In correspondence, typically, water with 10 milligrams of nitrate levels is considered dangerous; while, water levels near factory farms contain 300 milligrams of nitrate. By consuming contaminated water, the effects on the human body

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