Factors that affect talent planning Essay

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A report to identify, discuss and assess the nature of Talent Planning in organisations

1. Introduction
2. Attracting talent
3. Diverse workforce
4. Factors that affect recruitment and selection
5. Recruitment and selection methods
6. Induction
7. Concluding statement

1. Introduction This report aims to assesses factors that affects organisations ' approaches towards: attracting talent; recruitment and selection (including an investigatory approach to specific methods used); obtaining a diverse workforce; the process of induction (including a model of an effective induction plan).

2. Attracting Talent

2.1 Brand Identity
“‘Brand Identity’: How a business wants a brand’s name, communication style, logo and other visual
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For example: if a business has agreed to take on a new contract, they will need to recruit swiftly and in high volume. However, if a recruiter aims to appoint a higher-managerial position within subsequent months they may need more specific and targeted recruitment to ensure the position is filled

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