Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medium of Communication Essay

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The purpose of communication is to get your message across to others clearly and unambiguously. It’s a process that can be fraught with error, with messages often misinterpreted by the recipient. To avoid tremendous confusion, wasted effort and missed opportunity you have to consider factors before selecting a channel of communication.
The channel of communication may be defined as any means or way used for transmitting a message from the source to the destination. Denham, (1984) defines a channel as the physical medium for transmission of a message. Barker, (1981) believes that channels are the means by which messages are communicated.The communication channel is the medium
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(Rahman, 2008: 4)The cost of using the channel should not outweigh the benefit of the message that which you are sending. Take for example you are in the business of selling meat and you want to send a message to your customers about a meeting that you will hold on the dangers of eating half done meat, it does not make sense to go round on a car and telling everyone door by door rather you would put up a poster in your shop and other areas. The third item to regard as to choosing the medium of communication is that of confidentiality, safety and security that you wish to ensure regarding the message. If you were sending results from a hospital to a patient, you would not send it buy television but rather email or telephone as it is confidential information.
Forth factor to mull over is that of the situation of the reader and the relationship you have with him or her. As a sender you have to consider the emotional being of the receiver, if the person you are sending the message to has lost a loved one you have to select carefully what to write in your message and how you convey the message. You would not send the message about a funeral to your close friend about the loss of their loved one over a message on the radio rather you would call them on a telephone, face to face, email, or a letter if the message is not so urgent.
The final factor to ponder over before choosing

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