Factors That Influence The Way People Who Score Low Or High On Openness React Of Social Media Information

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understand which factors can influence the way people who score low or high on openness react to social media information.
Participants in this study were 38 undergraduate students from the sections of PSYC 270 class in Fall 2016. There were 35 females and 3 males. 26 participants were identified as White or Caucasian, 7 Asian/ Pacific Islander, 4 as Black or African American and 1 as Hispanic or Latino.
This study was intended to be an experimental design. Therefore, there were two independent variables (factors) and one dependent variable for the two social media posts. Consequently, one 2x2 between subjects analysis of variance was run for the positive social media’s posts and for the negative social media posts at an alpha level α = 0.01. Each ANOVA consisted of two factors with two levels. The first factor was based on whether the level of openness was low or high. The second factor was social media (whether the person saw a positive or a negative social media) .The dependent variable for both groups was emotional state (low or high), and was used as a measure of the reaction to social media posts.
A BCR program consisting of seven distinct blocks of trials was used to gather the data for this study. Participants first were asked to complete information about themselves such as, demographic information like gender, and race/ethnicity. Then, participants answered survey questions that measured the Big Five Factor personality Traits…

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