Speed And Security Research Paper

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Speed, Security and Law

Factors that influence the performance of a website
There are many factors of the user that would influence the performance of a website. One main thing is the client’s connection speed. What I mean by this is that the faster the person on the pc’s connection speed is, the quicker text and images will load. If we look at a website that hosts videos like YouTube, the quicker the clients internet speed is, the quicker the video can be rendered, and in a larger quantity with high definition quality. If someone has a slower internet connection, their experience with the website would be worse compared with someone with a quicker speed. Something that affects this is the actually quality of the person’s equipment they are
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If the operating system of the PC is old, the PC could be running slow. This means when you would try and load a page, it would take a while as the OS isn’t as updated. If this is the case, updating its OS to Windows vista/7/8 may be required to increase the quality of the webpage for you personally. Another user factor that influences the performance of the website is the plugins the user has installed on the browser. Java for example allows for more access to other websites. If you load a website that requires Java, it usually would prompt you to install it. Without java the animations and images would be blocked or disabled and the overall performance of the website would be poor. Another user factor that would influence the performance of the website would be the person’s media. What I mean by this is that if someone was accessing the website via a mobile device, their screen would be smaller than someone who was accessing it through a computer. Many websites have a mobile version to them, google and youtube for example so the performance of the website would be different depending on the screen resolutions of the person using it. Finally going back to browsers, if they are …show more content…
The website firewall, depending on how secure it is, would be used to lower the risk of these things happening. A firewall is a network security system which controls the incoming and outgoing traffic. This would be controlled by the rule set that has been applied to it. This firewall creates a barrier between the users and the website, stopping unwanted traffic from entering the network. The Secure Sockets Layer is different piece of security compared to the firewall however. This is used to create an encrypted link between a server and a client. This is normally used to allow sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers and login details secure and transmittable. On a site without SSL security, information is sent from the browser to the web server as plain text, which makes the line less secure as it allows for eavesdropping. This information can be used if a hacker is able to intercept this. If the SSL is in place, this data is encrypted when sent, which makes intercepting it and using the data much more difficult. This kind of software is a must for websites who use this kind of data on a regular basis. A business more example who uses personal information to buy products from them would need

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