Factors That Influence The Performance Of A Website Essay

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Factors that influence the performance of a website
There are many factors of the user that would influence the performance of a website. One main thing is the client’s connection speed. What I mean by this is that the faster the person on the pc’s connection speed is, the quicker text and images will load. If we look at a website that hosts videos like YouTube, the quicker the clients internet speed is, the quicker the video can be rendered, and in a larger quantity with high definition quality. If someone has a slower internet connection, their experience with the website would be worse compared with someone with a quicker speed. Something that affects this is the actually quality of the person’s equipment they are using. For example if they are using a laptop and using a wireless device to connect to their modem, it may be slower than if they plugged in an Ethernet cable. Wired connection is generally faster than wireless so if you wanted a better experience with the website, using an Ethernet cable would be advised. The connection of the user may not be the problem if the website isn’t loading properly, you may have to look at the PC itself. If the operating system of the PC is old, the PC could be running slow. This means when you would try and load a page, it would take a while as the OS isn’t as updated. If this is the case, updating its OS to Windows vista/7/8 may be required to increase the quality of the webpage for you personally. Another…

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