Factors That Influence A Woman 's Decision Of Breastfeed And Formula Feed Her Children

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There are many factors that influence a woman’s decision to breastfeed or formula feed her children. In 2010, President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which outlines basic regulations on breastfeeding and pumping of breast milk in the workplace. However, research suggest more stringent laws should be enacted at the state level, along with educating citizens on the benefits of breastfeeding in order to encourage more women to breastfeed. During my inquiry I researched several topics related to breastfeeding, formula fed babies, and societal norms surrounding breastfeeding. However, the one topic that interested me the most was laws surrounding the protection of breastfeeding in public and at work. While my husband and I do not currently have children we are expecting our first in January 2016 and this topic will be valuable to be me upon my return to work. While reading several different articles for the past few weeks I have decided to narrow my topic to two areas that researchers appear to emphasize as having the greatest effect on a mother’s decision to breastfeed: lack of state level laws protecting breastfeeding mothers upon return to work and social or family support. Each article reviewed uses supporting data from the same sources. For instance, Abdulloeva and Eyler (2013), Murtagh and Moulton (2011), and Smith-Gagen, Hollen, Tashiro, Cook, and Yang (2014) each use data from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to support their claim that babies…

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