Factors That Help Promote Health And Safety Essay

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There are many factor that effect the health and safety in an early childhood centre. This essay will look at three of the factors that help promote health and safety. Explaining the role that the teacher has in promoting and implementing these factors.
One of the main factors in promoting health and safety in an early childhood centre, is providing children with a safe environment. Having a healthy and safe environment protects children from harm, and helps promote their independence through decision making and creating new challenges. According to MacNaughton and Williams (2008) “Staff need to decide how to place materials and equipment in the physical learning environment to best assist children’s learning” (p.3). A way to promote safety is to check the play area for any hazards such as broken toys which can be sharp and dangerous. An example is that before the first child arrives a staff member goes through a checklist of all the equipment in the inside and outside environment, making sure that nothing is faulty and can cause harm towards any of the children. Having a list on potential hazards that are around the centre is a way to ensure staff are looking out for the safety of children in their care. Another way to promote health and safety, and ensure the centre is safe is to make sure that there are procedures in place for emergency situations. A way to make sure that these procedures are known to all is by displaying signs showing what to do in an emergency. Staff…

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