Factors That Contribute Towards The Shaping Of An Individual Essay

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There are countless of factors that contribute towards the shaping of an individual. Some of these factors are things such as: environment, childhood experiences, parents and peers. All of these factors come together and interact, and they are vital in determining what ideals and perspectives you will carry on with. In this autobiography, I will detail some of these factors which I feel played a role in shaping the person that I am today. I was born in the Dominican Republic, I lived there until the age of six. At the age of six I moved to New York City, where I have resided ever since. Since I moved at a very young age to the United States I do not have many memories from my time there. However, from what I remember I participated in many fun activities such as going to weekly baseball games, mud wars, hide and seek between tens of trees, and laying in the hammock. When I presently remember all of these memories I truly miss my time there, but I do remember a time when I willingly cast these happy memories aside because I was too busy appreciating the new city that I moved to and appreciating all of what they participated in. Moreover, because I came from a humble home, I was embarrassed to talk about my time there, not wanting to be considered poor, so I always preferred not to talk about it. To me just the idea of mentioning that where I lived we had no toilet was overwhelmingly embarrassing! My mother was definitely someone that influenced these feelings towards my…

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