Essay Factors That Cause Birth Defects

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Teratogens are agents that could cause birth defects. The agents cross the placenta and could cause cognitive problems. The agents that cause the birth defects could be things exposed in the everyday life,. There are medications that can cause birth defects as well as any infectious disease. The infectious diseases can cause the loss of a pregnancy also, the infections can affect the fetus 10-14 days after conception. A teratogen can stick itself to the uterus blood supply and the fetus. Teratogens can cause problems with the closure of the neural tube, which can cause trouble throughout the whole pregnancy. I want to talk about alcohol and cigarette smoke and the dangers of doing them while pregnant. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous teratogen. Every time a pregnant woman takes a drink, so does her fetus. Alcohol and cigarette smoke are two of the worst causes for birth defects and development causes. With the alcohol it passes through the blood stream through the placenta, the alcohol breaks down slower in the baby than in us adults. The levels stay high in the baby’s system longer. When a pregnant woman drinks their alcohol, it could have serious problems with the fetus. Most of the birth defects from drinking usually starts within the first eight weeks of pregnancy, that’s usually before she knows she is pregnant. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, is the cause of women drinking during pregnancy. It is the most known defect, and it is not inherited cause of mental…

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