Factors That Can Cause A Student Essay

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There are many factors that can cause a student to struggle in college. Some of the most important factors include the following: poor high school preparation, tuition cost, and the choice of a major. There are many students who have had a hard time transitioning from high school to college. So if the students are not fully prepared, they will definitely have trouble doing college work, or managing their time wisely. There are many organizations or programs that can help students who are struggling in college.
Peer mentoring program. It is a program created to help students who need help with college work. At CPCC, they have the peer mentors who do their best and go beyond the limit to help new students succeed in their course work and transition into college. Peer mentors do not only help students with tutoring, but they also help students with financial aid questions. Paying for college is one of the hardest thing that can make a student in college to stress out. Some students work to pay for their tuitions. Financial Aid help students to pay for all of their expenses but it can also hurt students after they graduate. Most colleges require you to pay for your classes on time and if you do not pay, your classes are not guarantee. Although there are organizations that help pay for colleges, not every students receive these aids. These organizations are banks, scholarship sponsors, and federal grant providers. Loans help students to go to college but in return the…

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