Essay on Factors That Can Be Integrated

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Determine at least four (4) different learning assets (e.g., lecture, video, discussion, test / quiz, etc.) that can be integrated in the LMS. Note: At least two (2) of the assets that you determine should be interactive.

As higher education contends with increasing costs and the perception of decreasing returns in terms of learning perceived as useful in applied settings (Arum & Roksa, 2011; Kamenetz, 2010), educators in post-secondary institutions are moving away from rote learning and behaviorist learning processes and toward the collaborative, knowledge-building approach recommended by constructivist and social-cognitive learning theories. Dabbagh & Bannan-Ritland (2005) identified the most common features of an LMS by categorizing them as pedagogical tools for content creation, communication, assessment and administration.
1. Content Creation and Display Tools: Allow instructors to generate course content within an embedded text/HTML editor or to upload documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, animations, audio or video into the LMS.
2. Communication Tools: Found in an LMS allow instructors to incorporate student instructor and student-student interaction into the course. Asynchronous (non realtime) tools include course announcements, student web pages, e-mail to instructors and class members, threaded discussion boards, wikis, blogs, and file sharing.
3. Assessment Tools: Provide instructors with a number of ways to test, survey and track student achievement…

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