Factors That Affect The Ph Levels Of Catalase Essay

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From the above tables and graphs, the results indicate that the optimum pH level of Catalase is at the neutral pH of 7 with an increase in enzyme activity from pH 2 to pH 7 and a decrease of activity from pH 7 to pH 12. Hence, demonstrating a bell shaped curve (similar to theoretical data – See Background Information for reference) which can be seen as an effect of the specific pH on the catalase enzyme. This identified trend can also be supported by the raw data values of the control test tubes as it demonstrated that the hydrogen peroxide and the pH buffer solution did not affect the boiling chips (which did not contain the enzyme catalase) and it was from the presence of catalase within the potato discs which caused the resulting froth height. These results can also be considered significant as a result of the p values within Table 4. These p values are able to support the processed results as most of the values between increasing pH levels were below 0.05, demonstrating that the experiment and the data points can be considered significant. Thus, illustrating that the experiment had a cause and effect relationship between increasing pH levels and the activity of the enzyme catalase which is enough evidence to reject the Null Hypothesis. However, in consideration of the error bars (standard deviation) in Graph 1, it can be seen from the pH’s of 4 and 7 that the error bars were considerably larger than the other pH values. This suggests that the measurements were not…

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