Factors That Affect The Health Of Women During Pregnancy Essay

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It is evident that there are multiple factors that can affect the health of women during pregnancy. Although it may seem that the factors are in the woman’s control, the lack of resources, the beliefs and culture, and the society in Ladakh India impact both maternal and infant health. Widespread use of biomedical services is shown in both an ecological context, as well as a cultural context. In an ecological context, hypoxia associated with the high altitude of the region places stresses on maternal and fetal health, whereas in a cultural context diet and roles in and out the household place further complication in reproductive health. In addition to the barriers of health, the way that women may view biomedicine impacts the pregnancy. The combinations of all of these factors cause a strong case for either an unhealthy pregnancy and/or an unhealthy child. With Ladakh being in a region of high altitude, there is a high, immediate risk of hypoxia (reduced oxygen pressure). As a result, there is a possibility of reduced birthweight within many populations in high altitude. Although there is strong evidence associated with this study. It may not be the case for all populations. Some populations have evolved adaptations to hypoxia that result in higher birthweights. However, for the most part, infants are born 10% lower than the average birthweight at sea level. But lower birthweight is only the beginning of the problem; lower birthweights are associated with greater…

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