Factors That Affect The Decision Making Process Among The Young People

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The study seeks to establish the factors that affect the decision making process among the young people in the rural areas of Uganda. These decisions determine their involvement in sexual activities and relationships. From the study focusing on young people, it is established that most of the young people in areas where youth sexual relationships are deemed unnatural and immoral by the community used different ways to engage themselves in secret sexual affairs. This is in contradiction with the ideology that young people engage in sexual relationships depending on the knowledge they acquire which helps them make decisions related to their involvement in sexual activities. It is evident from the cohort study that it focused on how the young people makes decisions on their sexual involvement activities depending on their social context and practices. After making such decisions, their activities relate directly to their subsequent sexual health status. However, social practices differ from one region or community to another in Uganda. Therefore, it is critically important to establish and acknowledge the social concepts of diverse communities to address their health needs adequately. With proficient knowledge of a community’s social practices and beliefs, the health care providers are able to offer the best care to meet the community’s specific needs. This is one of the most important approaches, the study suggests, of ensuring provision of equitable, effective, and…

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