Factors That Affect the Communication Skills of Criminology Students

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Introduction Communication is the art of conversation between two or more persons by means of speaking, writing or using a common system of signs or expression. It requires training and experience to communicate well with other people. On the other hand, the act of communication involves verbal, non- verbal and para- verbal components where these components refer to the content of the message conveyed, the choice and arrangement of words, the message sent through body language and the tone, pacing and voice volume. In legal term, communication is vital in achieving the goal of voluntary compliance with the law. Criminal justice and criminology workers must be able to articulate this action and
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2. That reading books help the respondents construct sentence better and paragraphs that are essential in their future career.
3. That writing article, journals, essays, poems and diary develop and practice more the writing skills of a person.
4. That gaining the confidence to work in a paper whether school or community paper develops communicative skills.
Significance of the Study
The researchers strongly believe that whatever be the findings and the result of this study it will not only be applicable during the present time but also in the next years to come.
The findings or results of this study may benefit the following:
1. School- This will serve as reference for the school in motivating the students in enhancing their communicative skills.
2. Teachers- This would be an important tool in developing their methods and techniques in teaching English subject.
3. Parents- This may serve as an eye- opener to parents on how to motivate their children to enhance their communicative skills.
4. Students- This will encourage the students to undertake exercises to improve their communicative skills.
5. Future Researchers- This reference will give them information for their future studies.

Scope and Delimitation
The scope of the study is focused on the Communicative skills of Criminology Students at Metropolitan College

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