Factors That Affect Older Adult Drivers Essay

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Key findings of this research and comparisons with previous studies in the literature are discussed here. According to the result of questionnaire 1, older adult drivers in Rhode Island considered weather conditions, night driving, and high-speed roads as the top three most challenging driving conditions. Approximately 80% of all crash occurrence involving older adults were in intersections. The results were supported with crash analysis study Mayhew et. al. (11) and Cicchino et. al. (12) which found the intersection is where most of older adult drives’ crashes happened. However, our study found that older adult drivers did not identify this condition challenging. As our results were self-reported, they were similar to subjective studies such as the best practices identified by Levin et al. (13). The subjective studies concluded that night driving, bad weather, and unfamiliar areas were more challenging for older adult drivers (13 -15). The other key finding from questionnaire 1 was the significant negative effect of driving frequency on participants rating in all three top conditions.
In questionnaire 2, the key finding was that the SVA system could best assist older adult drivers in their driving. This system was rated the highest in three of the four categories, helpfulness, easiness and necessity and it was considered the most likely one which older adult drivers would use to improve their driving safety. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety supported our results (22) as…

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