Factors That Affect Interracial Marriage Essay

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The lynchpin under which represses the entire AmRen philosophy is differential intelligence. Once that becomes acceptable as a valid veiwpoint, every argument that achievement disparities constitute proof that barriers exist disappears. It”s step one before discussing enclaves, secession, or libertarian politics to get away from results-madated affirmative action.

It was observed that in the family context there is a general tendency toward interracial personal relationships among the three racial groups, whether friendly or romantic in nature. Regarding preferred spouses for children, the general trend was “in agreement” with interracial marriage. However, existing marriages in the study sample tended to be intra-racial. In mestizo families and in mixed families (those comprised of people of different racial descent) there was an increased tendency toward interracial marriage.

The terms themselves are contested and there is no consensus on usage, although neither “Hispanic” nor “Latino” is a term of preference used by Latin American migrants in the United States to label themselves; rather, the research literature shows that they self-identify preponderantly by their national origin. To what extent their U.S.-born children or grandchildren adopt such made-in-the-USA pan-ethnic labels as their own remains to be ascertained definitively, but longitudinal studies of the second generation suggest that only a small minority (about one in four) tends to adopt a pan-ethnic…

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