Factors That Affect Interpersonal Behavior Essay

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'Communication and Partnership '

In this essay the writer 's aim is to identify hypothesis outlined by developmental processors, regarding models of reflection and explicate how this can be applied to practice. In addition, the writer will explore the factors that affect interpersonal behaviour and will critically evaluate strategies that will improve interpersonal behaviour. Subsequent to this, the writer will elucidate the roles and responsibilities of multi-disciplinary teams.

As proposed by Rungapadiachy (1999), the core priority of reflection is to record any thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It is essential to do this before, during and after experiences. This will ensure that an accurate description of the experience is captured. Rungapadiachy has justified his hypothesis by including an experimental learning cycle, which include four stages. First, professionals should describe the experience. Followed by a reflection on the experience that has been described. Subsequent to this, professionals should generalise abstract concepts that have been formed. Finally, professionals should conclude by considering the implications there could be on new situations. The implications of concepts in new situations need to be tested. This will enable professionals to adjust their practice, in order to provide the highest quality of care and learning. This…

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