Factors That Affect Children 's Development Essay

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During a child 's development they go through a series of stages to reach adulthood, however there a number of influences that can affect the pupils’ development such as their background, family, health and environment. Each child may experience positive and negative influences in their life which can either help their development or have a detrimental effect on their development.

Firstly, if a pupil comes from a deprived background in which they are living in poverty, they may not have the necessary support and functionality at home. This can have a negative affect their development as they will struggle in the school environment and are less likely to achieve well, this is because their parents will find it difficult to manage their children 's need. Usually, in these circumstances the child will need extra support in school to allow them to achieve what they are capable of. Nevertheless, there are some backgrounds that have positive influences on a child 's development, such as having a nurturing and a strong learning background at home.If a child comes from a background where both parents have a full time job and have an education they are more likely to excel themselves in the school environment.

Furthermore, if a child comes from a family that spends time with them, they are more likely to strive at school and will achieve well, this is because if the parents take time to take them to places such as museums, days at the park and this will help the child gain real…

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