Essay about Factors That Affect Child Rearing

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Many parents put in a lot of work to ensure their children’s success. Other parents are less involved in placing their children in several activities to ensure their children’s success. What is the best way to raise children? What are some factors that affect child rearing? Several factors are known to affect how a child is raised, and determining a superior child rearing method is complex, with many pros and cons associated with each method.
There are two primary ways to raise children: concerted cultivation and accomplishment of natural growth (Lareau, 2011). Concerted cultivation is the type of child rearing seen mostly in middle-class families while accomplishment of natural growth is primarily seen in working-class, poor families; therefore, social class is a major determinant for the method of parenting in a family (Lareau, 2011). Both white and black children of the middle class in Lareau’s study were shown to have differences, but the largest differences were not found within social classes but across (Lareau, p. 345).
The two methods of child rearing each contain their own set of pros and cons. With accomplishment of natural growth, children play daily with members of their family, and there is division of adults and children (Lareau, 2011). There are downsides to this rearing method. These children often live in small spaces where there is not a lot of privacy (Lareau, 2011). Some children want to be in activities but may not be able to participate due to finances,…

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