Factors That Affect A Student 's Gpa

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There were enormous differences in many of the factors that affected the non-traditional students that included age, gender, children, and the other questions that were asked on our survey. This means that my predictions were correct, but it only applies to the non-traditional students. So my mistake based off of this study, is that I did not collect enough personal information or organize the students into groups. If I had done that, then maybe my predictions would have matched the results. I was however correct in predicting how to measure the magnitude of the factors that affect a student 's GPA. More personal information is required and I know that financial aid systems do not take in account many factors affect a student 's GPA. The system needs to be updated so that there is equity instead of equality. It is one thing to state something that may seem obvious but doing a survey and actually measuring the results is the difference between assuming and actually knowing. Not only have I gained some experience in how experimentation works, but I have also learned that it can get very complicated if safety measures are not taken. Planning ahead of time for extraneous variables, and possible mistakes is critical to attain accurate results. Also, because psychology is a social science, experiments do not work the same way in this area as they do in chemistry, which I have taken. In chemistry, the results are predictable, and controlled. In psychology, if we are measuring a

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