Essay on Factors Responsible For A Country 's Integrated Prosperity

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The factors responsible for a country’s integrated prosperity are its Natural and Human resources. They are its true strength. Human Resource Development of a country depends upon the quality of education made available in the country. Access to Higher Education is crucial for the development of a broadly based well-educated citizenry, a diverse and talented workforce, competitiveness in the global economy, reduced poverty and crime, strong families and communities and enhanced health and prosperity in our nation. To achieve these objectives at a grand scale without a violent revolution, there is one and only instrument that can be used – Education. Besides, it must be assured that every part of the society, small or large, has a fair chance to demonstrate their talents and abilities. All members of our heterogeneous society must have confidence in the openness and integrity of the educational institutions that provide training. In spite of several policies and programs, equal opportunity in the Higher Education has remained elusive.
The Minorities in India
To observe equality Equal access to educational and professional opportunities must be assured. Communities that are rejected such opportunities are considered minorities. Minority is the category of people differentiated from the social majority. The differentiation can be on the basis of one or more observable human characteristics including ethnicity, race, religion, cast, gender, wealth, health or…

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