Factors Of The Environment Cause Overweight And Obesity

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7) The surrounding
The environment does not directly cause overweight or obesity. Some environmental factors, however, do. Some environments encourage activities that will fuels overweight and obesity. Below are environmental factors that entertain overweight:
i. Availability of cheap food.
In some parts where food is cheap, people tend to eat excessively especially if the food is sugary. This leads to overweight. ii. Work.
Some people work in environments where they are too busy making proper health food and instead they opt to buy fast food which is usually junk and very unhealthy. With time these people end up overweight or obese. In other working environment, the workers may be working in a food processing industry or in a workplace where
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Food environment
Some people, especially in the United States are observed to keep unhealthy food in the house. The food that is around is the food that one is likely to eat. Keeping unhealthy food in the house encourages unhealthy eating, which in turn leads to overweight and obesity.
8) Some forms of
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It is not all the drugs that one is given to the hospital that have side effect to ignore. Some drugs given in a hospital are responsible for serious diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity and overweight. Most of these drugs may not cause overweight directly. Some may have effects that make one to be incapacitated to do exercise or lead to one eating a particular type of food only. This kind of drugs is responsible for panting and shortness of breath that can never allow someone to do exercises that can cause panting. And basically this is almost any exercise. Another kind of drug cause increased metabolism rate that cause the patient to feel hunger frequently more than normally leading the patient to overeat and the end results are overweight or obesity. Some of the medication also causes an increase in appetite that makes a person to overeat. Below is a list of examples of drugs that lead to overweight:
I. Diabetes treatment drugs like insulin, sulfonylureas and thiazolidinedione. Not all diabetes medicines are responsible for weight gain. Some diabetes medicine may cause weight losses in some cases. An example of such a medicine is metformin.
II. Drugs for depression such as sertraline and amitriptyline
III. Drugs that regulate blood pressure like beta-blockers
IV. Drugs like selective serotonin inhibitors and tetracyclic that are antidepressant drugs
V. Mental disorder antipsychotic drugs like

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