Essay On Push And Pull Factors Of European Immigration

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Immigration in Europe
In the beginning, it is better to have an understanding of what immigration means. Immigration or migration is the voluntary movement of people from one place to another, or generally, it is movement from one country to another. Economic, political, social, or environmental factors can be the reasons for immigration. There are also some “push” and “pull” factors at work that cause migration. In definition, push factors are the reasons which are associated with the region of origination while on the other hand, pull factors are the reasons that are linked with the region of destination. These factors for each group of immigrants will be discussed later separately in their own parts. Truly, push factors are the reasons that make people leave an area, they can be loss of jobs, great percentage of crime rates, poverty, low level of social services, war, lack of safety,
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Some Syrians who had been struggled leaving the country may feel encouraged by their neighbors’ success story in Europe. Countries such as Germany and Sweden granted status to most Syrians who arrived in their territory. These success stories about refugees have spread out through social media very quickly along with the guides on how to route the trip and contact the required services upon arrival. Some startup companies such as "Airbnb for Refugees" in Germany and Austria have helped immigrants who have less support or networks to adopt a new environment. Finally, the standard model of migration which is settled immigrants bring their family and friends can also be responsible for some of the new trends. The refugees and immigrants currently arriving on the coasts of Europe are almost 70 percent are male, and reports indicate that their family are abroad and waiting to join the "first mover" through legal channels as soon as their claims are

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