Factors Involved In The Selection Of A Health IT System

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Discussion Forum Questions for lesson 5 are:
1. Identify the stakeholders that would be involved in the selection of a health IT system. After establishing this list, define the goals and interests of each group:
The stakeholders that would be involved in the selection of a health IT system are patients, healthcare providers, nurses, insurance companies, and owners of the hospital Patients goals and interest would be to have safe quality care, to be able to review their medical records online, fewer visits to the hospital, and to be able to see a doctor faster when arriving at the hospital, (Nelson & Staggers, 2014).
Nurses interest in the selection of a health IT system would be to be able to provide safe care to their patients, for instance
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Scope Creep happens all the time in any businesses. For instance, the first time computerizes physician orders entry (CPOE) went live; some doctors were putting orders on the computer and others were writing them. Perhaps, they did not have the proper training. Nurses were missing orders; they had to check the patient’s chart and the computer, to make sure all of the doctor’s orders were on the computer. Hundt et al. (2013) say that if one can predict the flaws of a project, one can plan ahead and made the necessary changes before presenting the project. The hospital hired nurses to assist the doctors with computer entries. Recently we got new IV pump; I went to a class to learn about the IV pump before using it on the …show more content…
I remember having an awful night. The system was down, and I could not scan any medications, I could not chart, I could not do any patient charting. The charge nurse gave me a package for each patient, where I was supposed to chart medications given or any other information related to the patient. It was so much paperwork for just one patient. Once the system came back, I had to go back in the computer and chart the information. I stayed late to chart. An advanced health IT system for downtime events would save us time and money for the company. Moreover, an advanced IT system can expedite patient care, sometimes test or procedure do not get done until the system is back

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