Factors Influencing The Teacher 's Perspective Essay

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The primary researcher and second researcher, both occupational therapists, analyzed the interview transcript independently. Both researchers identified common themes of factors influencing the teacher’s perspective. Categories from both researchers were compared and merged. Also, these categories were verified against the survey and participant observation data. Similar to findings of the interview analysis, survey participants acknowledged benefits of integrated therapies. Also, survey findings showed the teachers’ sense of control and availability of support influenced implementation of integrated therapies in classrooms. The importance of teachers’ sense of control is evident in one participant’s response, “…use of picture boards in my classroom have been the most difficult due to the class size and enormous amount of one to one each student requires…”
Similarly, during participant observation, one child was recommended to use a cushion as an integrated therapy. When the child carried this cushion with him without any reminder, the child had accepted this intervention. The cushion became an extension of the child. Similarly, teacher’s lack of reaction to the child waving his cushion during a classroom activity shows the child’s action did not affect teacher’s sense of control. As long teacher’s sense of control was intact, the intervention was not seen as a disruption or “cost” in a classroom.
The analysis revealed three themes, factors influencing…

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