Factors Influencing The Enzyme Of Enzymes Essay

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Enzymes are specialized proteins present in all living organisms, whether animals, plants or microorganisms (Reece et al., 2012) .In addition, life would cease to exist without these vital organic molecules, as they are needed for metabolic processes, and other reactions and processes in the body (Reece et al., 2012). Sometimes some RNA molecules can act as enzymes (Reece et al., 2012). Enzymes as well as their substrates work best at optimal levels, and are affected by temperature and pH environments (Reece et al., 2012). Other factors that influence enzymes include substrate and enzyme concentration, competitive & non-competitive inhibitors and, allosteric sites (Reece et al., 2012).
Enzymes are reusable biological molecules associated with endergonic and exergonic reactions that react with substrates to generate products (Reece et al., 2012). Furthermore substrates are the molecules which bind to the enzyme’s active site in an induced fit (Reece et al., 2012). These substrates are then converted to products needed for everyday processes by the body or the cell. This reaction only occurs once the activation energy barrier is reached (Reece et al., 2012). In the role of enzymes in biological reactions, temperature works to speed up the catalysis of the reaction as they assist in lowering activation energy and affect molecular motion (Reece et al., 2012). In addition many enzymes require co-factors or co-enzymes (Reece et al., 2012). However at extreme levels of…

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