Essay on Factors Influencing The Divorce Rate

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Over the last century, the divorce rate has fluctuated and is currently much higher than it was in the early 1900’s. Knowing this, when asked the question what social factors have contributed to these changing divorce rates, there is no one right answer and most definitely not only one factor. Many factors have an influence on the divorce rate and several of them are interrelated. Factors such as growing individualism, socioeconomic status, racial background, religion, personality and many others are all major contributors to the increasing divorce rate. In 1975, a law was passed, the Family Law Act 1975, which allowed couples to divorce after 12 months of separation rather than having to prove why they needed a divorce. After this event, the divorce rate spiked and peaked in 1976, then proceeded to slowly decline over the next 20 years, and has leveled off and continued on at a steady rate since 1985 at a much higher rate than it was in the beginning of the century. (Lindsay & Dempsey 2009) There are many reasons for this increase in the divorce rate, one being that nowadays there are less advantages to being married. The State has taken over several responsibilities that traditionally the family was responsible for, such as insurance, take-away food, childcare services and health services, and it has caused a change in the number of marriages. This is because if you have enough financial resources to buy these things, then marriage becomes an option. (Balestrino 2013)…

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