Essay about Factors Influencing The Distribution Of Biomes

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One of the main abiotic factors influencing the distribution of biomes is global atmospheric circulation. Global atmospheric circulation is the mass movement of air around earth caused by thermal energy. This mass movement of air causes three distinct atmospheric circulation cells to form, these are the Hadley Cell, Ferrel Cell and Polar Cell. Between these three cells is a dynamic area called the Intertropical Convergence Zone.
Persson (2006) tells us that the Hadley Cell is caused by solar energy heating the equator, this causes warm moist air to rise towards the Tropopause dumping rain in terrestrial biomes such as the Tropical Rainforest. After the air has risen and lost most of its moisture it travels along the troposphere whilst being pushed westward by the Coriolis force. When this air mass reaches the 30° Latitude the warm dry air sinks creating a high pressure area air at the 30° Latitude, this creates suitable conditions for the distribution of biomes such as the Hot and Dry Desert and Mediterranean Woodland. This circulation of warm air from the equator gives heat to environments such as Tropical Deciduous Forest and Tropical Savannah.
The Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) is a low pressure area located between the two Hadley Cells usually between the 5° Latitude. The ITCZ is caused by the convectional rise of moist air at the start of the Hadley Cell creating a humid low pressure area between the two cells. This uplift of warm humid air creates the highest…

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