Factors Influencing Female African American Adolescents ' Levels Of Self Esteem

894 Words Oct 26th, 2016 4 Pages Data Analysis
The research used data analysis technique to collect the data keeping in mind that analysis of the results varied based on what type of study design was being conducted. The CDC growth chart and nomenclature (Krebs et al., 2007) was used as a standard to determine overweight (≥ 85%) and non-overweight (<.001). Qualitative data suggest that socioeconomic factors influence female African American adolescents’ levels of self-esteem. The literature also proves that female African Americans have lower levels of self-esteem compared to Hispanic female adolescents. T-test samples indicated a positive association (p =.01) between self-esteem and body dissatisfaction.
4.4 Limitations
In this review, researchers have yet to study specific populations or have excluded certain populations from the research for various reasons which can be identified as a gap in the literature. Some of the gaps can fall into limitation, samples sizes could be very small, there have been a lot of inconclusive studies on that specific population, or results not proven statistically significant. Few studies have focused on preventative intervention programs tailored towards improving self-esteem in overweight adolescents, but most importantly, the BMI reports have been self-reported. If the finding have been deemed flawed, how do health specialist know where to intervene. Shortcoming in this review suggest that study have not improved our understanding of family structure per…

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