Factors Influencing Communication Essays

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CO2520 Project Part 1:
Factors Influencing Communication:
Erik L. Hansen
ITT-Technical Institute

Author Note
Erik L Hansen, Department of Drafting & Design, ITT-Technical Institute, Boise.
Correspondence concerning this project should be addressed to Erik L Hansen,
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The grass is freshly cut, uniforms recently pressed and washed. The summer-night-air is filled with the smell of functioning concession stands and the sounds of many conversations. Players and fans take their positions, the players trot onto the field and fans get comfortable in their seats. The show is about to begin. First pitch is thrown and a stadium relying on communication is operational once
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Everyone is different and that is why every communication we have is different.
The game of baseball has many different characters and this affects every game. For example a pitcher can have a great night throwing to one catcher while having a terrible night throwing to another. Why does this happen? It could be many factors. Some may be that one catcher was trained better through his years, one catcher doesn’t listen to what the pitcher likes, one prepares more, one is friends with the pitcher while the other dislikes the pitcher, etc. I can go on but let us just say that each catcher is different than the other just like the pitcher is also different versus both catchers. To better communicate and succeed, each player needs to understand the other individual.
In my opinion. The basis of successful communication for an individual is good listening skills, proper media choice, and proper word choice. Each individual needs to hear what the other is encoding. Also, choosing the proper media to portray your information such as verbal to written to picture, can mean the difference in good communication. Sree Rama Roa’s article on citeman.com states, “Moreover, it is the selection of a wrong medium which poses a major problem. Like, if a message is emotional it is better to convey to orally rather than written”. Using this information we can decide if a contract should be discussed orally or written. Do you think it would be appropriate for the

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