Essay about Factors for the College Dropout Boom

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Ashley Dippel
T. Roper
English 100 –Essay 1
June 8, 2012
Title of Essay College is an institution or establishment that provides higher levels of education or specialized training, be it vocational, or for a profession. There are many good reasons to stay in school and complete these programs and earn a degree. However, many students will endure the process of enrollment at the beginning of a semester, but soon thereafter fall short of themselves and eventually drop out. We often see high enrollment and low graduation rates. There are a variety of factors that influence a student’s likelihood to drop out including the devaluation of degrees in the economy, academic preparedness and perhaps, life itself. As the value of the
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Those that maintain low to average performance may feel overwhelmed at the fast pace of college and, if inadequately prepared, may not meet college standards. Also, an unprepared student will often have an unrealistic view of background skills and knowledge and tend to avoid participating in the necessary coursework intended for further development. How well a student is prepared will directly affect the self-motivation it takes for a student to apply themselves throughout college. There are many examples of personal issues that could factor a student’s decision to withdraw from school. Once a student experiences the amount of college and tuition, dropping out may become a financial necessity. Every week of going to class could seem like another week of losing money that could cover everyday expenses. Some students could be unsure of what they want to study so they will decide not to further any future education until they are sure. Students are also lacking much needed support from their parents or guardians. More often than not, students that “just aren’t ready” are being told “it’s okay” and to “find a temporary job until then.” Full time jobs, commutes, children or parents who need full time care can get in the way. The Gates Foundation, founded by Bill and Melissa Gates, is an organization whose purpose, among other reasons, is to expand educational opportunities and access information technology. “In her recent speech, Gates spent a few minutes

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