Factors For Teachers ' Job Motivation Essay

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Article 1: Some Determinative Factors for Teachers’ Job Motivation Step 1: Identify the question:
As it pertains to the teacher-learning environment, what are the potential factors that contribute to teachers’ job motivation? Step 2: Choose a sample or samples of analysis:
201 Romanian teachers from across all educational levels were selected to complete the three qualitative questionnaires (DM, SP, and MM). 161 females and 40 males were graded on a seven-point Likert scale. Seniority in the teaching field (number of years), teaching environment (urban or rural), level of education (pre-bachelors through PhD) and level at which degree was attained were determining factors for acceptance into the study. Step 3: Determine the type of relationship to examine:
Content Analysis will be applied as it pertains to the single word use of “relationship” from the samples of analysis. The use of “relationship” can be examined as used:
“… expertise with relationships need, and overall satisfaction with pay-promotion” (Cristina-Corina 2012).
“ … are these relations (relationships) more significant for male than female teachers or conversely” (Cristina-Corina 2012)?
“Factor 1 is very highly saturated in “relationships” …” (Cristina-Corina 2012). Step 4: Reduce the text to categories and code for words or patterns:
Analysis was reduced to key variables that the qualitative questionnaires tested to find potential factors in teacher job satisfaction. The following key factors…

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