Factors Contributing Influence School Culture Essay examples

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Introduction The term school culture has been defined in many ways. Three factors influence school culture, such as; attitudes and beliefs of persons both inside and outside the school arena, the cultural standards, and the relationships that exist between persons within the school environment. Most schools have an ambiance or culture of its own and to the observer, it may result in useful approaches to make it a better environment. School culture is unique in its own setting and cannot be substituted between one school or another, causing the school to develop a unity that is characteristic of it and none other. Although culture proves to be beneficial, it can become counterproductive and an obstacle to a school’s educational success. For change to be effective, it requires understanding and the ability to change in a way that is productive to the school’s agenda. The change process is not done overnight, it can often be a slow and exhausting process. I surveyed ten faculty members from the Pecan Hill Elementary School. The survey included teachers, counselor, and librarian. The survey will be separated into three categories: Strength, Neutral, and Weakness. The categories will be investigated as well as the relationship between the categories and respective questions.
Weakness Involvement in Decision Making 2.7 Using the Knowledge Base 3.0 Collegiality 3.1 Protection of What’s Important 3.4 Community Involvement 3.4 Core Values 3.4

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