Factors And Characteristics Of Factoring A Graduate Program

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This article was a very interesting read. This study examined the factors that undergraduate students took into consideration when selecting a graduate program. I will be making the same considerations as the students involved in this study, but maybe in a slightly different order of importance. Results from this study revealed six influencing factors, including characteristics of the academic environment of the program, financial aid, residence status, work related concerns, spousal considerations, and the social environment of the campus. I will be taking all of these factors into consideration, with more added. Characteristics of the academic program are very important to me. It is important that the institution has a respectable reputation, as well as the faculty within its department. The size of the department is an influencing aspect as well. I wouldn’t want to be in a program that was too large.
Additionally, I will not be picking a graduate program based off of the ability to work a current job. That consideration is not important to me. Education is the most important thing, I can get a job near whichever graduate school I choose. I feel as if choosing a grad school based off of the ability to work at a certain job is looking at the forest instead of the trees. In the end, education should be more important.
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This factor is not largely influential to me. I just want to be on a campus that facilitates a safe learning environment. I am not largely concerned with social events, although sensitivity to minorities is important. There are obviously many different factors to consider when choosing a graduate program. The most important things to me when selecting a graduate institution are accreditation, knowledgeable advisors, type of program, and financial aid. Financial aid is most definitely an influencing factor. It would also be nice if my program was in state, so tuition rates would be

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