Factors Affecting the Decision of Graduating High School Students in Choosing a College Course

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The Problem and its Background
Graduating high school is a time where young adults venture into the world of grown-ups. Several students try to get into college and choose a course wherein they could learn something related to a career they want. Most of the time, it determines the profession that a student will undertake in the future. Choosing a course carefully is an important aspect which will give conclusion to a student’s academic endeavor. The researchers have decided to make a study about the factors that graduating high school students consider in choosing a college course. We will be providing you with information that will cover various factors such as: having better job opportunities,
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Parsons states that occupational decision making occurs when people have achieved:

• an accurate understanding of their individual traits (aptitudes, interests, personal abilities) • a knowledge of jobs and the labor market

• rational and objective judgment about the relationship between their individual traits, and the labor market. (http://www2.careers.govt.nz/educators-practitioners/career-practice/career-theory-models/parsons-theory/)

Because of his hypothesis on how people choose their occupation, he developed the concept of matching where it is possible to measure both individual talents and the attributes required in particular jobs and people may be matched to an occupation that is a good fit. Therefore, when individuals are in jobs best suited to their abilities, they perform best and their productivity is highest.

Conceptual Framework

Using the hypotheses and assumptions of Parsons’ Trait and Factor Theory of Occupational Choice, the researchers conceptualized a model which explains the process on how students’ traits, students’ knowledge of jobs and labor market, and the rational and objective judgment of students about the relationship between individual traits and the labor market affect their decision in selecting a course. Below is the conceptual paradigm used:


Figure 1

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