Essay on Factors Affecting Travel To Long Haul Destinations Report

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Factors affecting travel to long haul destinations.

In this report I will talk about how factors affect travelling to long haul destinations and in this I will include: time zones, climate, seasonality and extreme climate conditions, travel restrictions, entry and exit requirements, health issues and social situations. In this report I will cover all of those with destinations such as : Australia, North Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa and few more.
Time zones have a big effect on travelling to long haul destinations as people can get a jet lag which can ruin their holiday experience as they have to rest to get rid of it before they get active into more activities that they want to do whilst on holiday. The enjoyment of
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Another risk of such a long flight like Australia can cause deep vein thrombosis which can be really fatal if not taken care of as it can pop and enter straight to your lungs. It has been proven by the World Health Organization Research that the risk of deep vein thrombosis happening doubles. This is caused by the lack of movement and there are tips on a lot of website of exercises you can do on the plane to avoid the risk and also to buy some in flight socks.
Climate and seasonality also have a big effect ton travelling to long haul destinations but that is just because of people not checking and not being informed about important information. Australia has different seasons than England does. Australia’s hottest months are during Christmas time so if someone wants the best out of their weather they would be best to go at that time. People also aren’t aware of the monsoon season in Thailand which is a season of heavy rain falls. Travelling during that period of time is sometimes even more than 50% cheaper however you have to be prepared for worse rainfalls and worse storms than in the UK which not a lot of people like when they go on holidays. In march 2011 there was flooding in Koh Tao which lead to the evacuation of all people and if this happened whilst you were on your holiday it would totally ruin your holiday experience. When it comes to the extreme climate conditions such as the tropical cyclones which

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