Factors Affecting the Reading Skills of the Third Year Beed- Students in Csu-Cse

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The Problem
The word “language” seems to have been derived from the Latin words,

“Lingua,” which implies “tongue “. The French term,” language” also refers to a specific

from of speech .Hence, in the whole process of language teaching, spoken language

occupies an important place. Ballard says,” talking comes before writing, oral

composition before written composition.(Dash, 2004, p.165-166) Speaking is the productive skill in the oral mode. It, like the other skills, is more

complicated than it seems at first and involves more than just pronouncing words

Josh Billings says“Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute”.

Learning English as one's second language is not unusual in
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Because of security to get a decent job when one

returns to one's own country, even if he or she graduates from a mediocre university,

study abroad now becomes a popular culture of the middle class, too. However, in most

countries that English is not the primary language, the first-priority, more important

language is a native language. In these countries, even though English is taught

throughout school years, it is rarely spoken outside classroom. For those who are about

to come abroad, they would likely have to take intensive English lessons before their

departures, but it is usually too late. The students would then confront great language

difficulties of English when they are here, in the United States.

Since English is a foreign language in our country, most students especially

senior high school students are not familiar with it(Hetrakul, 1995).

Kavin Hetrakul also said that they use English more frequent only inside the

class and less frequent outside the class. Whereas, students’ have limited time to learn

English in class, and they still do not have enough encouragement to practice English

outside the class in order to get familiar with English. This case brings a problem that

make students have difficulties to communicate in English.

Speaking Situation
There are three kinds of speaking situations in which we find ourselves: 1.

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