Factors Affecting The Parent 's Decision Essay

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The aim of the research done by Karácsony, Szalai, Olah, Boncz, Brantmuller, Ferenczy, and Pakai examined the factors of what factors go into the parent’s decision to vaccinate, or not (2015). What they found in this research was that the information that the parents heard was what shaped their opinion, but they still did not show that they understood the vaccination (Karácsony et al., 2015). The parents showed that they did know about the disease and they did not know about how effective the vaccines are if they are given (2015). Most parents also stated that the information that they did currently have about vaccines came from reading about it on media sites (2015). What the parents seemed to focus on was the side effects. This study also looked at younger parents versus older parents. Parents who were between the ages 18-30 who had less information about vaccines than the parents who were over the age of 40 (2015). The conclusion to this research, Karácsony et al. found that the parents knew that they did not know enough about the vaccines and would take part in an orientation about vaccinations if it was offered to them (2015). Additional research done on whether there is a link between vaccinations and autism includes a 1999 study done by Taylor, Miller, Farrington, Petropoulos, Fovot-Mayaud, and Waight (1999). They studied to see if there was a link between MMR vaccine and autism. In this study, they examined patients who had autism and when they were vaccinated…

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