Essay on Factors Affecting the Ojt of Bsba

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Chapter 1



In a fast changing world where “subsistence” and “existence” are the main purpose of living, individuals are perceived to finding ways and means to cope with how to live and survive. The trend of the world today vis-à-vis the needs to basically live become the most important measure of men to direct his/her attention to muddle through life – for his comfortability, if not for his survival.

Amongst the arm used by men to further his quest for survival is his/her ability to grasp knowledge and learn. Being “learned” becomes the gauge of being able to live and survive. Therefore, men struggles to be able to put himself/herself to Institutions that would get him ready to face
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This facet gives students actual experiences to be pitted in organizations, agencies or establishments that shall provide them a “feel” of the real corporate environment.

It is on this line that the researchers thought of making a tangible reference on the employability of students who have had or are presently having On the Job trainings particularly students of the School of Business Administration. The study shall gauge the employability of students in terms of their competency, adaptability, efficiency, and productivity vis-à-vis the standards where the students were or are assigned.

The study shall prove to identify whether the students are ready to be employed to corporations or establishments such as theirs. The basis for evaluation shall be their actual workload in the office where they have undergone their OJT and parameters on their competency, adaptability, efficiency and productivity shall be gauged.

The success of the study shall prove beneficial not only to the students but also to the Administration and Faculty of the University of Cagayan Valley as they shall have a reference in assessing their instructions and strategies to make their students “employable” and to fulfill their utmost mission of aiding their clientele to conquer the world and survive the adversities of life.


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