Essay on Factors Affecting The Health Services

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All topics in this booklet are intrinsically linked by cause-effect relationships: independent and dependent. It includes all possibilities that attribute simultaneously to make obvious rather tricky in practice. (Tones et al., 2013). It is virtually impossible currently to estimate all aspects of stroke, However, regarding the health services, with holistic vision of the patients and the family or society as a whole, two aspects must be emphasised: risk factors and after stroke care.
Both topics are very important parts of the consistent relationship between incidence, prevalence and mortality, which are established with the use of data from NICE Evidence healthcare databases and a range of other established health resources. Both topics are analysed and evaluated by using literature and research evidence.
In the part of the risk factors, Risk factors like cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse are selected on the basis that they both represent long-term, high-profile public health concerns for which there is evidence that policymakers have tried to collate and employ the available research, e.g. Acheson 1998; Marmot 2010; Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health (1998), Smith (2013). The goal is to review the evidence-based recommendations for the stroke risk factors. A change in a person’ current and future health status can be attributed to antecedent health care. The overall long-term impact of health interventions are both on populations as a whole and on individuals in…

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