Factors Affecting The Flood Of Flood Essay examples

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Most studies focusing on flood analysis have implemented various types of runoff models in different scales. Regardless the nature of each one, all these models attempt to identify areas susceptible for flooding after an event of severe precipitation. Mapping the flood susceptibility helps to understand the spatial trends of flooding as well as to organize efficient planning and flood prevention. In this chapter, a new index for mapping the susceptibility of flooding is introduced. This index is called Flood Susceptibility Index (FSI) and is based on the use of RS data, GIS modeling and statistical analysis. The implementation of this method involves the following steps:
• Creation of a spatial database with the flood-related factors and categorization of these factors.
• Extraction of the flooded areas by using RS datasets and analysis.
• Calculation of the number of flooded areas for each factor category by using GIS techniques. After this step the FSI for each category is estimated.
• Integration of FSI values in order to calculate total FSI in the area under investigation.
This approach was used to produce flood susceptibility maps of Sperchios river basin, in central Greece. The flood inventory was extracted from RS imagery. Afterwards, the flood inventory was split into a testing dataset 70% for training the FSI model and the remaining 30%, which was used for validation. Factors implemented in the proposed analysis include slope, land cover, hydrolithology, flow…

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