Factors Affecting The Digital Divide Essay

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Factors That Contribute to the Digital Divide
One of the crucial factors that contribute to the difficulty to spread technology and business to much of India is the lack of easy transportation. Of the over 1.34 billion people who populate India, 72.2 percent live in 638,000 villages while the remaining 27.8 percent live in only 5,480 towns and urban agglomerations (Population of India 2016, 2016). While urban cities have some paved roads and public transportation means such as trains and subways, much of the country is still exceedingly rural and lacks modern roadways. Very few cities of India have an adequate public transport system (Singh S. K., 2012). A Minneapolis-based company, Bepex, is considering outsourcing to India, but is concerned because it will prove difficult to transport their heavy manufacturing equipment across India’s unreliable roads and furthermore, they state that transporting something across India would take six weeks versus the same distance in the United States would take only a week (Baxter, 2007). The lack of paved roads extended across the vast country makes traveling between villages, towns, and cities challenging for many of the people in India. Approximately 80.5 percent of village populations were disconsolated with pathway conditions between village pathways (Gupta, et al., 2016). As a result of these inadequate conditions it is difficult for many citizens to travel to schools and businesses or receive goods and services…

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